My Name is Olufemi Victor, I'm a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

It has been my dream to be a pioneer in science and technology, building solutions and driving groundbreaking innovations. I dedicated my life to becoming an Engineer, building both hardware and software tools. Now I work as a data scientist focusing on solving real-world problems with data.

Currently, my career is dedicated to technology for good, building ethical A.I tools that make a positive impact on people and the economy. I also participate in hackathons on Zindi Africa (I'm currently ranked 4th of 70,000+) where I help African companies solve local problems with machine learning & AI. I'm also very big on collaboration and teamwork. I have led several teams of passionate people who share similar interests in building innovative solutions and transforming ideas into actionable projects.

In my journey through life, I became particular on subject matters such as Sustainability, Ethics, and Diversity. I am so passionate about sharing knowledge, making awareness, and building changemakers, hence I spend lots of hours volunteering both online and offline to realize my dream of a sustainable future. I was awarded the title of 'MR Algorithm' for 2023 by the Data Scientists Network in recognition of my dedication. I'm always open to connecting with like-minded individuals who share the dream of a sustainable future, and my inbox is always open for discussions centered around A.I., ethics, and technology.

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The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight

— Carly Fiorina

Awards & Recognition


I have participated in several hackathons and competitions, and have won a few awards.

1st Place Winner Swahili ASR Challenge

Mr Algorithm 2023

Top 10 Solution Worldwide. (Google Solution Challenge 2023)

1st Runner Up Protocol Labs (Filecoin Green)-Sustainable Blockchain Hackathon

First runner up Umoja Hack Africa 2023

First Place Winner Bitgrit NFT Price Prediction Challenge.

First Place Winner at Kaggle Kitchenware Classification Hackathon.

First runner up IndabaXNigeria 2022

First Place Winner at Techpoint Africa 🌍 Blockchain Summit 2022

1st runner up - Umoja Hack Africa 2022

Winner - DPhi- Data Sprint 68.

1st runner up - AMLD Africa 2021 Hackathon

2nd runner up: Best Poster Award

1st runner up - A.I for Energy Hackathon